About us


Company Narvanirk OÜ was established in 2003 by Galina Skorohhodova who has 30 years of experience in the field.


nirkOur company makes different tailor-made products of fur, faux fur, fur combined with leather or suede. You can choose between different furs and cuts according to your wishes. When necessary, we can help you to choose the right cut for you.


We approach each client’s wish individually. We can redesign your old out-of-fashion clothing into a modern and comfortable one that will make you happy.


We are glad to offer you different services; tailoring (our or client’s material), mending, smaller repairs etc. Choice of material according to your wishes; polar fox, mink, red fox, silver fox, racoon dog, rabbit, sheep, karakul, beaver, racoon etc. We try to be updated and follow fashion trends, and fulfill your order according to your choice from the catalogue.


Lately we have began to sell crocheted children’s clothes – also by individual orders, crocheted toys, sling beads.

We can also help you to make an original „diapers’ cake“ as a gift to a new-born.


 The company is always happy to help both returning and new customers! Welcome!