Price list


Pricelist for services


  1. full-length/knee-length/short fur coat of karakul, mink, red fox or rabbit Rex fur starting from 430/325/325 EUR

  2. full length/knee-length/short fur coat of blue fox, racoon or polar fox fur starting from 480/360/360 EUR

  3. full-length/knee-length/short fur coat of beaver or sheep fur (rough) starting from 500/375/375 EUR

  4. fur waistcoat starting from 180 EUR

  5. women’s fur hat of karakul, mink, red fox or rabbit fur starting from 40 EUR

  6. women’s fur hat of beaver or otter fur starting from 50 EUR

  7. men’s fur hat (ushanka) starting from 55 EUR

  8. fur collar or shawl collar starting from 25/45 EUR

  9. full-length/knee-length/short fur coat of faux fur starting from 230/170/170 EUR

  10. children’s fur coat starting from 150 EUR

  11. children’s fur hat starting from 20 EUR


Mending and small repairs

  1. redesigning a new coat from an old fur coat, full-length/knee-length/short starting from 350/260/260 EUR

  2. changing the collar and the cut of the collar starting from 45 EUR

  3. redesigning a hood from a collar starting from 50 EUR

  4. shortening the sleeves starting (2) from 15 EUR

  5. shortening the length of the coat starting from 25 EUR

  6. adding length to the sleeves starting from 20 EUR

  7. adding length to the coat starting from 45 EUR

  8. changing the fodder starting from 35 EUR

  9. cutting the reinforcement fabric, full-length/knee-length/short coeat starting from 150/130/130 EUR

  10. changing the hook/the eye (1 hook included) 4,50 EUR

  11. changing the hook/the eye (client brought her/his own items) 3,50 EUR

  12. replacing the existing hook/eye onto another place 3,00 EUR

  13. sewing a button 1 EUR

  14. changing the fodder for a women’s/men’s hat starting from 10/25 EUR


Crocheted items

  1. hat starting from 7 EUR

  2. dress starting from 15 EUR

  3. blanket starting from 35 EUR (70 cm x 80 cm)

  4. toy starting from 5 EUR

  5. sling beads starting from 12 EUR


Diapers’ cake

Included in the price: material and making (starting from 10 EUR)

Finished „cake“ starting from 30 EUR


Ordered crocheted items and diapers’ cakes can be collected in Narva or Tartu.

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To other towns in Estonia the products are sent by Smartpost, Omniva (extra cost for delivery).


The price includes tailoring, try-ons, V.A.T.

The price does not include material.